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Standard Voicemail Office Billing and Payment Terms:

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  • Overdue accounts will be billed a $5 late charge.


All amounts due with respect to this agreement including any sales, use, value added or similar taxes, fees and charges, which are imposed upon the service to be provided pursuant to this agreement will be billed by VoicemailOffice.com, (herein the Company)

Company agrees to sell to Customer and Customer agrees to purchase from Company voicemail services according to the terms and conditions of this agreement. Company agrees to use its best efforts to accurately transmit all voice, fax, and e-mail messages.

Customer acknowledges voicemail services may be lost for many reasons other than by reason of negligence of Company including but not limited to, dialing errors, power failures, malfunctioning of wireline and wireless communication networks and electrical interference. Customer agrees Company shall not be liable for lost profits or exemplary, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages which arise directly or indirectly out of use, lack of use, unavailability or malfunction of the services, whether such damages are asserted in an action brought in contract, in tort or pursuant to other theory. Customer agrees to use the services only in accordance with applicable law.

Customer acknowledges that errors on occasion do occur in processing order(s), including but not limited to, an incorrect number, passcode, etc. Therefore, customer agrees that they will not market or advertise a number that they have not personally tested and setup. Customer agrees not to place an order for brochures, posters, business cards, letterhead, classified, print, radio, or television ads, or any other form of marketing materials until they have personally tested, setup, and listened to their assigned Voicemail Office number prior to placing any type of order where the number will be used. Customer agrees Company shall not be liable for lost marketing/advertising dollars, profits or exemplary, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages which arise from any error on the Company's behalf.

Company reserves the right to cancel service at any time. Voicemail greetings that contain vulgar, vile, or obscene language shall be terminated immediately.

Customer further understands and agrees to be responsible only for services rendered by Company up until the end of the agreement that the Company receives, in writing from Customer, (via Fax or Certified or Registered mail), Customers written desire to cancel services. All written cancellation letters must bear the signature of the Customer before the voicemail service is terminated. Failure to do so will result in a disconnection charge.


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