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Below you will find some of our advanced messaging features. If you need further information on any of the messaging features below, please call one of our sales specialists for further explanation.
  1. Local Voice Mail Numbers
  2. Nationwide Toll Free Number
  3. Multiple Voice Mailboxes
  4. Follow-Me-Live Call Transfer
  5. E-mail Voice/Fax Delivery
  6. Fax On Demand
  7. Caller ID with Time Stamping
  8. Web-Based Control
  9. Question & Answer Voicemail
  10. Automated Order Taking
  11. Taking Call Analysis and Reporting
  12. No Busy Signals
  13. Music On-Hold
  14. Call Announce/Call Screening
  15. Port Your Existing Number to VMO
Local Voice Mail Numbers
VoicemailOffice.com provides local voicemail numbers across the U.S. Please click here to find out more about our Local Voicemail Office (LVO) service. [ top ]

Nationwide Toll Free Number
We provide nationwide toll free numbers. Please click here to find out more about our Virtual Voicemail Office (VVO) system. [ top ]

Multiple Voice Mailboxes
We offer multiple voice mailboxes on both our Local Voicemail Office (LVO) and Virtual Voicemail Office (VVO) systems. Multiple voice mailboxes allow you to have secondary greetings for different departments or other users. [ top ]

Follow-Me-Live Call Transfer
This feature allows callers to reach you live through our system. You will be able to provide us with your direct numbers, such as your office, home, and mobile lines, so that callers can be transferred to you live. [ top ]

E-mail Voice/Fax Delivery
This feature will deliver your voicemail messages and fax messages to your e-mail account where you will be able to listen to/view messages by simply opening the file. [ top ]

Fax On Demand
This feature allows for your callers to have a fax directly sent to their fax number at the touch of a button. Callers can access faxes stored into
your voice system 24 hours a day. [ top ]

Caller ID with Time Stamping
Know who called, and when they called with real-time Caller ID. You will be provided with the telephone number and date and time of the call, even if the caller does not leave a message! You can view this information online at anytime. [ top ]

Web-Based Control
Manage your account online at anytime by simply logging in through our website. You can listen to voicemail, view faxes and much more! [ top ]

Question & Answer Voicemail
Q & A Voicemail provides an easy way to automatically prescreen applicants for job interviews, conduct call-in surveys, take orders by phone or to conduct other phone questionnaires. Click here to learn more. [ top ]

Automated Order Taking
Let our voice system do all the work in taking your orders by phone. We can customize an order-taking solution for your business or organization at a low cost. Click here to learn more. [ top ]

Taking Call Analysis and Reporting
We provide detailed call analysis and reporting for your account through our website. This will allow you to view call detail in real-time. [ top ]

No Busy Signals
Our voicemail systems are engineered to accept multiple simultaneous calls to your telephone number so that your callers will never receive a busy signal. [ top ]

Music On-Hold
As your caller is transferred to you via our call forwarding feature, the system will play music as your caller is on hold. Our system has a choice of various music styles. [ top ]

Call Announce/Call Screening
With this feature enabled, the system will record the person's spoken name before being transferred and announce his or her name, and then allow you to send the caller to voicemail or speak to them immediately. [ top ]

Port Your Existing Number to VMO
Are you paying too much for a service with another company that you rarely use? Why not save money and move your landline or mobile number to VMO? The process is simple! Contact our sales office for further information on moving your local or toll free number to us. [ top ]

Local voicemail numbers across the United States